The Steppingstone Story

If my life, like any great novel or piece of art, contained a motif, it would be steppingstones. I say that because as I begin the next stage on my path I can look back and see how each individual stone brought me to where I am today. As a child I loved playing school with my younger sister. The imaginary environment I created eventually turned into reality when I chose to pursue a degree in Home Economics Education. It was difficult to decide between that and art education (as I was passionate about both). After teaching for seven years I met my husband, Dale, and we located to Dassel. Prospects for a teaching job were grim so I substituted and offered my services to a new picture framing and art gallery, Steppingstone Gallery. Working a few hours a week, led to a partnership, then relocating the gallery to Hutchinson and eventually being the sole proprietor. My “job on the side” led to a 23-year career in the framing and art business, when I decided to close the gallery and step into something new and different.

Dale and I talked about what I could do next. He suggested I transform my love of quilting and being “crafty” into something. I thoroughly enjoyed attending quilting retreats. With my love for crafts, cooking, and pampering others we purchased a cottage style home in Baxter. Together we enjoyed working on this next steppingstone in our lives. With Dale as my handyman, and lots of support from family and friends, The Steppingstone Cottage, an art-filled place to gather, to create, and to inspire, was opened. The name of the gallery held a special significance for me, so my new adventure was so named. .

It is bittersweet to close Steppingstone Cottage in Baxter. I have many fond memories meeting wonderful guests and making life long friends. As Dale nears retirement, we are looking ahead to stepping out and pursue some ‘”togetherness” activities, exploring and traveling from sea to shining sea. Steppingstone Cottage continues at our home with more time for quilting, gardening, hobbies and enjoying time with family and friends. My Steppingstone story continues.